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About Rusty Kuhn

In March of 1997 at his home church in Bogalusa La, Rusty Kuhn surrendered to the gospel ministry. Immediately, he had a burning desire to see the lost saved and see true revival within the church; a kind of revival that moves the church from within their walls into the community sparking a spiritual awakening. Over the years he has had the great privilege of preaching many revivals sharing this passion. At the same time, Rusty spent 18 years pastoring three wonderful churches in Mississippi. Through the joint effort of the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the Pearl River Baptist Association, and six partnering churches he planted New Life Baptist Church in Nicholson, Ms. He is also the author of three books, Reclaiming the Land: God’s Formula for Revival, How Beautiful are the Feet of Those Who Bring Good News, and By This we Know, as well as many other articles and publications.

In July 2015 he was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer called Erdhiem Chester’s Disease. (for more information about ECD click here). Among other things, this caused major damage to his nervous system causing his mobility to be greatly limited. Though New Life was very gracious and accommodating to him he felt as though he was doing an injustice to them by not being able to fulfill all of his pastoral duties. For this reason he left the pastoral ministry at the end of 2016.

However, Rusty did not leave the ministry; he simply surrendered to the call of a  new chapter of ministry. In January of 2017 he surrendered into the ministry of full time evangelism. One may ask why, after being diagnosed with such a debilitating form of cancer, he would want to enter into evangelism? First of all, he may be limited physically but he still has a voice and he can still preach. While he still has breath in his lungs his passion is to be used for this purpose.  Secondly, God has given to him a great passion through his calling to preach the gospel to this lost and dying world along with a passion to see true revival in our churches where they too will proclaim the gospel to this lost and dying world. For this reason, we ask that you prayerfully consider Rusty Kuhn for a revival meeting or evangelistic event.

Though there is no cure for the type of cancer Rusty has, and though the cancer has caused permanent neurological damage, resulting in his physical limitations, through his ongoing treatments at MD Anderson he is now stable and is more than able to perform his duties as an evangelist.

Know that Rusty will go to any church of any size for a love offering, regardless of the amount of love offering they are able to give. We also ask that you help spread the word about him by letting other pastors and church leaders know about this ministry. Lastly, we ask that you pray for Rusty personally, and for this ministry to see many sinners saved and to bring about true revival in our churches leading to a great awakening in our nation.

These are some of the ministries available through Rusty Kuhn Ministries.


Rusty’s heart is to see true revival in every church. He longs for a type of revival that trusts fully in the power of almighty God. His desire is not to see a week of meetings but to see a type of church revival that will move the congregation from the pews into the community sparking a spiritual awakening in their communities.

Rusty and his wife Dale would be more than happy to lead music in a revival service as well if they are needed. They typically play old hymns and gospel songs that Rusty plays on his guitar. We can send video’s upon request.

Harvest Weekend:

A harvest weekend is held from Friday-Sunday where the congregation invites the lost and unchurched in the community to come hear the gospel. These services are 100% evangelistic. Though the Friday-Sunday schedule has proven to be very successful Rusty is flexible with the scheduling for these events.

Salvation Sunday:

On a Salvation Sunday Rusty will preach an evangelistic message to the congregation in the morning service. Prior to this service the congregation will make every effort to invite and bring in the lost and unchurched. In the Sunday evening service Rusty will preach on the biblical mandate for every believer to share the gospel. Rusty can also give witness training during the Sunday School and/or discipleship training hour. Other than preaching the gospel in the morning service he is very flexible and accommodating on the day’s schedule.


Rusty’s passion is to see the lost saved and would love to have a community, city, or county wide crusade in your area. Whether it’s through a cluster of churches in a community or an associational event, Rusty believes that a well organized crusade can still be very effective. He also believes that there is enough talent within our own churches that they can also be very cost effective. Rusty has years of experience in organizing large and small evangelistic events and would be more than happy to help through the process of having an effective crusade along with effective follow-up and assimilation.

Rusty is open to other events as well. If you have questions about any of these events please contact us at:


Rusty is the in resident evangelist at West Union Baptist Church in Carriere, Ms.

Rusty is a member of:

The Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists 

The Louisiana Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists 

The Mississippi Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists

To scheduled Rusty Kuhn or check for available dates please go to the calendar & contacts page.  

“If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14




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