The Age of Responsibility

27 Dec

1471358_621723174536492_923592050_nApart from the birth of Jesus the only other account of Jesus childhood is found in Luke 2:41-51. As was the custom of Jesus family they came to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. This year was different though, because, Jesus was now twelve years old. This was a special age for Jewish young boys. It was the age of passing from childhood and maturing into manhood. At that age the child was expected to be responsible and would take on many responsibilities.

When all of the festivities of Passover were finished the family packed up to travel home. For safety they would travel in large caravans. The men would travel in the front of the caravan while the women and children traveled in the back. Up to this point Jesus would have always traveled in the back with His mother Mary. However, this year He was twelve. He was now mature and of the age of responsibility. Being twelve he could have traveled in the front with the men.

Mary probably assumed that Jesus was in the front of the caravan with Joseph and Joseph probably assumed Jesus was in the back with Mary. When the caravan stopped to rest for the night you could imagine the shock of both Mary and Joseph to discover that Jesus was nowhere to be found. Upon the discovery that Jesus was not with them they rushed back to Jerusalem franticly searching the city for Him.

When they finally found Him He was in the Temple listening and inquiring of the teachers. Mary asked Jesus, “Son, why have You treated us this way?” Jesus responded as though they should have know where He was and what He was doing. He said, “Why is it that you were looking for Me? Did you not know that I had to be in My Father’s house?” Jesus was a responsible young man. Being the responsible young man that He was the only natural place for Him to be was in the Fathers house tending to the Fathers business, learning and absorbing the words of His Father.

Are you a mature and responsible Christian? The answer to that question is not found in your mind, nor your opinion-it’s found in your actions. Wanting to be about our Heavenly Fathers business doesn’t equal doing it. A mature and responsible Christian will be about the Fathers business even if there is a million other things to do; even if they don’t feel like it; and even if it is burdensome to you at the time.  As a mature and responsible Christian when others are looking for you and wondering what you are up to they should automatically know you are about the Fathers business.

You see a mature and responsible mind knows it’s not about me; it’s about the Father and His will for my life. Jesus wasn’t in the Temple that day because He had to be there, or was forced to be there. He was there that day tending to the Fathers business because He knew His Father loved Him, and He loved His Father. A mature and responsible Christian will have the same mindset of Jesus.

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