Can I Believe the Bible?

07 Feb

“But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” II Peter 1:20-21 NASB

As Christians we are faced many with choices. For instance, are we going to chose to believe God’s Word as an accurate and dependable document that has been handed down as an act of God from generation to generation?  The evidence is overwhelming of how perfectly accurate the Word of God has been preserved. Even honest historians who are avid atheist admit this truth. Many wise men, such as Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell, who were determined atheist, set out to disprove the Word of God, only to find that it couldn’t be done.

Can we believe all of God’s Word, or just certain selections? I find it amazing that the bible is sixty six separate books compiled together, written by over forty authors, written in different parts of the world, and over a period of about sixteen hundred years. Yet, it is in perfect sync and consistency as a whole. How can this be? Because, these men “moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God.” Therefore, if I have to question any of God’s Word I will have to question all of it. If God isn’t big enough to accurately preserve His Word, is He then a trustworthy God? He has, therefore, He is!

Today, Christians are often ridiculed because they believe God created. Christians are told they reject science and are therefore fools. First of all evolution isn’t science. It is an unproven theory, a philosophy. True science takes observation. There is nothing to observe when it comes to evolution. Just ask an evolutionist where natural laws come from. Or, ask them to show you an evolving specimen that is half reptile and half mammal. There isn’t any. You would think after all the years of research and excavation they would have found something, anything, but they haven’t. However, they build entire skeletons proving their theory that are based off of a single tooth or a bone fragment. This is called grasping at straws.

So why do so many people believe this philosophy? If you tell a lie often enough and long enough people will believe it. Every so called proof of evolution has been disproven time and again. Due to the blatant lack of proof of evolution, I believe it takes more faith to believe evolution than it does to believe in creation.

Do I believe God literally created in six literal days? Absolutely! Why? Because that is the abundantly clear teachings of God’s Word. Any other belief is not founded in God’s Word and therefore rejects God’s Word. Again, if I have to question any of God’s Word I have to question it all. To be clear, there are Christians that have placed their faith in Jesus atoning grace that believe in evolution, or a prolonged form of creation. However, their conviction does not come from the Word of God. It comes from outside sources.

How then do we explain a mature earth? Was Adam a man or a baby when God created him? He was a man. Likewise, the tree’s that were in the Garden of Eden were in full bloom bearing fruit. God created a mature earth ready to sustain the life of a mature man and his mature wife. In John 2 we see Jesus turning water into wine. When the headwaiter, not know what Jesus just did, tasted this wine, he asked why they saved the good wine for last. The wine Jesus just created out of water was the good wine. It was the best wine. What makes good wine good? Age. The wine Jesus just created moments before was perfectly aged. I find it amazing of how God’s Word always complements itself, and never contradicts itself.

Is the history of God’s Word reliable? Absolutely! Take the Book of Daniel as an example. The Book of Daniel is a history book of the four major world empires, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman, giving accurate and precise information of each one. Interestingly enough the Book of Daniel was written during the Babylonian Empire-the first empire. With this same precision the Old Testament prophets precisely described the first coming of the Messiah. Jesus perfectly fulfilled them all. Yes, the Word of God is an accurate historical document that has been proven true time and time again.

II Peter 3:3 says, “Above all, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires.” We see this prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes today. What do we do in the midst of their scoffing? We stand up in defense of our faith upholding the truths of God’s Word in hopes of winning over some. What about those who reject, scoff, mock, and ridicule? We turn the other cheek, love and pray for our enemy, be at peace with all men so far as it depends upon us, while being steadfast and immovable in our faith.

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