Abiding in Christ

30 Jul
Abiding in Christ

John spent the first twelve chapters in his gospel using the teachings of Jesus to describe who Jesus was. Jesus, in John 14:4, told the disciples, “You know the way where I am going.” By this point they should have known, yet, Thomas declared in the next verse that they did not know the way. Jesus then reminded them that He was the way. (John 14:6). Jesus went on to describe the oneness He had with the Father, that when you see Jesus you see the Father. (John 14:7-11). In that context, Jesus declared that those who believe in Him will do even greater works because Jesus is with the Father and His disciples are in Him. (John 14:12-15). Jesus continued this narrative in the first eleven verses of the next chapter where He declared Himself as the vine and those who abide in Him as the branches. Those who abide in Jesus will bear fruit; those who do not will be cut off and cast into the fire.

Jesus said in John 14:13, again in 15:7, and again in 16:23 that whatever we ask of the Father in His name will be given. Since we abide in Christ we can directly call to the Father in Jesus name. In this case Jesus stated that He will not intercede for the disciple. (John 16:26). Since the disciple is abiding in Jesus, loves Jesus, and believes that the Father sent Jesus there is no need for intercession. (John 16:26). We see here that the disciple directly asks the Father in Jesus name. (John 16:23).

That being said, Jesus clearly expressed that the purpose for His leaving this world is to be with the Father. Jesus works with the Father as a mediator between God and man in His high priestly role. I Timothy 2:5 says, “For there is one God, and one mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” In the seventeenth chapter, Jesus demonstrates this act of mediation between God and man as He intercedes on behalf of His disciples to the Father.

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