Fathers, Stop Wasting Time

15 Jun
Fathers, Stop Wasting Time

This picture gives me mixed emotions. It reminds me of the grace of God but also reminds me of all the precious time I wasted as a young father with my daughter. This picture was taken while on vacation. Though I don’t remember much about the vacation, I remember my wife was very angry at me for being high through most of it, and rightly so. Back then, I would have jokingly said, “I was wasted.” What was wasted was the precious, and valuable time, time I will never get back.

Though God has redeemed me, I would love to go back and redeem this time, but I can’t.  Back then, I thought I was living the life. Instead, I was living a lie; I was walking in death. I was allowing drugs and alcohol to rob precious time with my family. I allowed them to rob my joy and privilege of being a father. I allowed them to rob my daughter of a dad and rob my wife of a husband. I was there, but then again, I wasn’t.

I allowed it because I had a choice, and I chose drugs and alcohol over my family. Don’t believe the lie that you don’t have a choice. Trust me when I say that I know the power of addiction. I tried everything under the sun to set me free from my addictions, but my help didn’t come until I turned to Jesus, and He set me free. Yes, I know the power of addiction, but I also know the power of God, and He is all powerful. Yes, you have a choice, so, choose Jesus.

Stop allowing Satan to rob you. Stop him from robbing your family of a dad and a husband. Turn to Jesus before it’s too late. Raise your children to know and love Jesus. Raise them in the church rather than in the world before the world catches them in its trap as well. Stop wasting precious, valuable time that you can never redeem. Turn to Jesus and let Him redeem you. Jesus alone can set you free. And, whom the Son has set free, is free indeed. This Father’s day give your children the father they deserve by giving your life to Jesus and introduce them to our Father, who is in heaven through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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