I Shall Not Be Moved: Song and Devotional

30 May

I Shall Not Be Moved

            Often times we joke that this song is a reference to the dead Christian or the dead church. Though some refuse to move forward in their walk with Jesus, this song is a wonderful reminder that those who are anchored in Jehovah shall not be moved. Come what may, they will stand on the solid foundation of Jesus, steadfast and immovable. They are the tree of Psalm 1 that is planted by the water

            Psalm 1 compares the righteous with the wicked. The wicked will be moved and tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine that comes their way. They are like the chaff that is blown by the wind. On the other hand, the righteous do not stand in the path of sinners nor sit in the seat of scoffers. Their delight is in the law of the Lord. In other words, they are not influenced, nor do they take advice from the people of the world. The Word of God is their instruction, and God alone is their master. Therefore, they shall not be moved.

            As a Christian today, it is very easy to be influenced by this wicked world. The ways and mindset of the world are the majority.  The bulk of the population thinks and acts in accordance with this world rather than God’s Word. Unfortunately, many of the ways of the Lord today are considered archaic and backward. There is tremendous pressure in the world to reject God’s righteous standards and take up the world’s wicked ways. It’s easy to be influenced into simply going with the flow.

However, the righteous will not be swayed. They will stand upon the solid truth of the Word of God even if they stand alone. Praise God, they will stand on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, knowing by faith, they will never be alone. So today, set in your mind that you will be the tree that’s planted by the water; set in your mind, I shall not be moved.

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