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I Need Thee Every Hour: Song and Devotional

I Need Thee Every Hour

            Most Christians that are in a right relationship with their Lord will admit that they need to attend church at least weekly. They know that the Bible commands them not to forsake the assembling of one another. Whether they practice it or not, most Christians will also agree that they need to spend daily time in their Bibles along with daily time in prayer.

            These are things the Bible clearly commands every Christian to practice. However, they are not simply ritualistic routines that we go through to complete our daily religious deeds. We don’t do them for the sake of just doing them because God said so. The fact that God said so is a good enough reason, but we do these things because we need Him. God instructs us to do these things because He knows what’s best for us, and what’s best for us is Him.

            And, we don’t need God once a week, or once a day, or even just a few times a day. I need thee every hour. In fact, we need God for every breath we take. We can never fully comprehend how desperately we need Him. Fortunately, He is there for His children even when they are not seeking Him. But, how much more is He there for us when we do. Seek Him today. He’s there for you!

            “Bow down thine ear, O Lord, hear me: for I am poor and needy.” Psalm 86:1

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