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Rusty Kuhn is a member of the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists


Rusty is the in resident evangelist of West Union Baptist Church in Carriere, Ms.


“Tozer said “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.” It is my great joy to recommend to you my friend Rusty Kuhn, a pastor who has walked the road of suffering with our Lord, and whom God is using in great ways. There are men who preach, and there are men who preach with the anointing of the Lord. Rusty’s ministry is anointed by God. His passion for revival and his dependence on the Lord are not only evident in his preaching, they are evident in his life. You can have confidence that God will use Rusty to bless your church or ministry in a powerful way.”

Dr. Keith Warden, Pastor of FBC Picayune, Picayune Mississippi


“Rusty is living proof of the sufficiency and strength of God available to those who are weak. Rather than allowing his thorn of a rare and incurable cancer to hinder his calling, Rusty presses forward to visibly show others the power of Christ. For this reason along with his passion for preaching God’s word, it is my pleasure to recommend Rusty Kuhn to anyone seeking an anointed passionate man of God.”

Bro. Bud Putnum, Pastor of West Union Baptist Church, Carrieri Mississippi


“Evangelist Rusty Kuhn is in the battle of his life on two fronts: personal sickness and human sinfulness. He refuses to allow his fight against cancer to keep him down, and he refuses to give up on a lost and dying world. I highly recommend Rusty as a man of God with a heart for souls and a passion for the preaching the Word of God.”

Dr. Brent D. Barker, Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, Grenada, Mississippi


“It is hard to say in one short paragraph what a great Godly man Rusty Kuhn is. I have had the pleasure to watch Bro. Rusty follow God’s plan for his life and ministry for many years now. I have no reservations when I say that Rusty Kuhn is an anointed man of God. Bro. Rusty has and shows a great passion for doing the Kingdom work and seeing souls being saved. When Bro. Rusty opens his Bible and begins to preach the Word there is no doubt that he has God’s anointing on him. I am blessed to call Rusty my Brother in Christ and a dear friend. I know of no other man or woman who is more passionate about seeing Revival take place in our Nation and World than Bro. Rusty Kuhn. If ever you are seeking someone to come as one anointed and ready to preach God’s message Bro. Rusty Kuhn is one you can call.”

Bro. Barry Lee, Pastor of Rolling Hills Baptist Church, McNeil Mississippi


“Rusty has the heart for evangelism and the habits of an evangelist. Rusty preaches with a spirit anointed fire. He not only preaches for souls, he is a soul winner. Pastors can trust him to be a blessing to the church, having served as a pastor himself. He desires to see revival in our land and churches. Pastors, if you want revival in your church, I encourage you to have Rusty!”

Dr. Shannon Marshall, Pastor of The Beginnings Church, Poplarville Mississippi


If you are looking for someone to come and lead in revival at your church, someone who has a heart for revival, an anointing from the Lord to preach revival, someone who is sincere in his faith and walk with the Lord. Then allow me to introduce to you, Bro. Rusty Kuhn.
I have known Bro. Rusty for many years. He has preached for me. I highly recommend him for your next revival.

Bro. Walter Mixon Pastor of Unity Baptist Church, Leakesville Ms.


“I am Eric Ertle, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.  It is my pleasure and honor to recommend to you my friend and brother Rusty Kuhn. I have watched Rusty grow in the Lord tremendously over the last several years and I can tell you that he is a faithful preacher of the Word of God. His wife Dale is godly woman also, and a faithful helper to Rusty.

As a revival preacher Rusty will do a wonderful job for you and be a wonderful blessing for your church.    If the Lord leads, I pray that you will consider having him preach at your church.”

Bro. Eric Ertle, Pastor of FBC Horseshoe Bend, Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas


“I have never met more of a man of God than Rusty Kuhn. If you ever want to be blessed I definitely recommend having this man come and speak and then you well know that you have heard the word from a man of God.”

Bro. Ray Taylor, Pastor of FBC Carriere, Carriere Mississippi.


It is impossible to live in Pearl River County, Mississippi and not know or know of Rusty Kuhn. The many of us who know him and his family share a common appreciation for all that God has done in and continues to do through each of them. It is a personal privilege to call Rusty my friend and fellow minister. I have had the opportunity this year to share God’s word in the congregation where Rusty has served as pastor. What a joy to see the bonds of love and shared faith between this pastor and his church family. He has served faithfully the ministry to which he has been called even as he has had to battle cancer. I am not surprised at all that God has called him to a new and expanded ministry. Gifted in preaching the word of God with clarity and conviction, Rusty has a deep, very deep desire to see the lost saved and to see the entire family of God experience personally and collectively spiritual revival. I am so encouraged that this man of God thoroughly believes that it is not too difficult a thing to see the lost come to faith or to see congregations encounter spiritual revival. What a privilege to recommend Rusty Kuhn to any pastor or congregation involved in the process of finding an effective leader for evangelistic and revival services. I encourage you to speak with Rusty, get to know him, understand this new challenge God has called him to, and pray about using him.

R. T. Buckley I.M.B. South Asia (Retired)


Our church worked on a mission project with Rusty and his church. I found them to be genuine in their love for Christ and the desire to share Him with the Nicholson community. His conviction is that people need Christ regardless of their past or present and works at sharing his faith through the word and music giving his utmost effort for the kingdom.

Dr. Keith M. Thompson Moselle Memorial Baptist Church and Adjunct Professor William Carey University


“Rusty Kuhn is a powerful man of God that God is using in these last days, not only to promote himself, but the Word of the Living God. He has pastored several church in which were very successful churches in reaching the community for Jesus Christ. He has ministered at the church I pastor, Calvary Christian Fellowship, Bogalusa, La, several times over the years with a powerful, anointed, and timely message from God’s holly word. He is a dynamic, enthusiastic, and anointed messenger of Jesus Christ.

He has written several books including, Reclaiming the Land: God’s Formula for Revival, How Beautiful are the Feet of Those who Bring Good News, and By this we Know. In these last days before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and the rapture of the church, we need to hear preaching that is anointed by the Holy Spirit and the will lead people to the saving grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Rusty Kuhn is that kind of preacher.

I would ask you to consider having him come and minister to your congregation. God is using this young man as an instrument of righteousness led by God to reach this generation.”

Larry Lassley, Sr. Pastor of Calvary Christian Fellowship, Bogalusa Louisiana


At different times in our lives, we are given opportunities to cross paths with people that we feel we have been blessed to meet and know. Brother Rusty Kuhn and his family are such people. I have now had the privilege of personally knowing them for many years. I have always seen such wonderful faithfulness from he and his family no matter where God has placed them in their ministry. Over the years I have witnessed Bro. Rusty’s heart for evangelism. I have seen the fruit of his labors for the Lord in this area of ministry.

God brings us down many paths at times to prepare and have us ready for the task He has in mind for us. I am so excited for Bro. Rusty as he has now surrendered into full time evangelism. I am also thrilled for the sake of the Gospel of Christ that I know he so loves to share with those who will listen and have ears to hear. It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Bro. Rusty to any church that is in need of a man of God who has both the spirit of evangelism and the heart of a pastor.

Frederick Brumfield, Pastor of Palestine Baptist Church, Bogalusa, LA


I have had the privilege of serving alongside Rusty Kuhn many times over the last 15 years as I have traveled doing music evangelism for revival services. He is one of those rare men who has a very clear vision for what brings true revival to God’s people. He also has an incredible testimony of how the Lord has worked in his own life, and it is evident to all who know him that his life has become a tool in the Lord’s hands. Rusty has been a consistent voice for Biblical values in Pearl River county, and he has faithfully ministered according to those values in the community surrounding his church as he seeks to reach the lost in that drug stricken area. I have found him to be a solid Christian and a powerful evangelistic preacher, and I can say to anyone who is looking for a Spirit filled evangelist, Rusty Kuhn is the one you are looking for. I am honored to call him my friend and fellow servant in the Lord’s work.

Benjy Rigney, Music Minister Pine Grove Baptist Church, Picayune Mississippi


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