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Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

The setting of John 13-17 is in the upper room for the last supper. John 13:1 states that Jesus knew the hour had come for Him to be with the Father. During the Passover meal Jesus shared this news with His disciples. This news was certainly troubling to His disciples. First, He told them He was going to a place they could not yet come, secondly, He told them Peter would deny Him before the night was over. The news of Peter’s impending denial would not have been troubling for Peter alone, but for all of the disciples. This information, added to Jesus declaration that He was about to leave them, was greatly troubling. As if the news of Jesus departure and Peter’s upcoming denial weren’t troubling enough, Jesus shared more troubling news. He warned them that the world would hate them because they first hated Him and they would be persecuted for His name sake. (John 15:18-21).
In the midst of this troubling news Jesus said to them in John 14:1 and again in 14:27, “Do not let your hearts be trouble.” With such troubling news, how could their hearts not be troubled? Within John 14-17 Jesus gave them three encouraging reasons not to be troubled. First, Jesus comforted them with the news that this world is not their home and that He will come again one day to bring them to their new eternal home. (John 14:2, 3). Secondly, although Jesus will no longer be with them in the flesh He will continue to be with those who place their faith in Him, in Spirit. (John 14:19). He said He would not leave them as orphans. (John 14:18). Lastly, once Jesus departs from this world the Father will send them a Helper, the Holy Spirit. (John 16:7). In troubling times, we too can find great comfort with these truths.

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