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Higher Ground

Higher Ground

Sunday’s Song and Devotion: Higher Ground

The end goal of this beautiful hymn is summed up in the line, “My prayer my aim is higher ground.” What higher ground is the hymnist speaking of? Spirituality, of course. Not only is that the end goal of this wonderful hymn, but it should also be the end goal of every Christian. We need to understand that there isn’t a point of stagnancy within a Christians walk with Jesus. Either we are growing closer to Jesus or, we are slipping further away.  

            Peter tells us that, “Newborn babes long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.” (I Peter 2:2). The newborn babe is the new believer in Christ. He is telling us that if one has indeed tasted of the kindness of Jesus Christ through salvation, they will have a longing for the pure milk of the word, which is the Word of God. As a result of fulfilling that thirst for God’s Word, the newborn babe will grow in respect to their salvation.

            Notice that the hymnist wrote, “my aim is higher ground.” The reality is if you aren’t aiming for anything, you aren’t going to hit anything. If you aren’t aiming to grow in your walk with Jesus and find that higher ground, then you certainly won’t find it. If you aren’t making plans and setting goals, you most certainly will not fulfill them nor achieve them.

            During this time of year, many are thinking about setting goals or making resolutions. If your prayer and your aim is higher spiritual ground this year, might I suggest starting with the pure milk of the word? Though the Bible serves many purposes, one clear purpose, as stated by Peter, is that you grow in respect to salvation. In other words, you will grow in your walk with Christ; you will reach higher ground.

            Set your aim, your goal, at reading and studying the Bible every day. There are many Bible reading plans you can find online. Once you do that find a Bible-believing church with a Bible-preaching pastor and allow him to feed you a full course meal of God’s Word. Lastly, get plugged in to a Sunday School class or Bible study group. Don’t go to a social gathering they call Bible study, but one where they will genuinely break open the Bible and feed you the bread of life.

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