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The Gift of Hunger

The Gift of Hunger

There are many gifts God gives that we often take for granted; hunger is one of them. Often times we think of hunger as a burden but it truly is a blessing. If we don’t eat we will die, and if we never know we are hungry we may never know to eat. Naturally as adults we know we are to eat if we want to live. However, a new born baby doesn’t know this. For this reason, God designed our human bodies, starting from birth, to become hungry so we will know to eat, so we will grow, be healthy, and live.
In I Peter 2:1-4 the Apostle Peter describes the hunger of one who is a new born babe in Christ. A new born babe in Christ is one who has recently repented of their sins, (I Peter 2:1), and has turned to Jesus. (I Peter 2:4). He said, “Like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation.” (I Peter 2:3). Then he said in the next verse, “If you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.”
In other words, if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord by recognizing His grace and received it, and you have repented of you sins and tuned to Jesus, and therefore become a new born babe in Christ, you will have a longing, a hunger, for the word of God. Though I am not the one who sits in the judges seat, I seriously doubt that the one who claims to be converted and has never had any hunger for the Word of God, or anything of God’s is a true conversion. The truly converted, especially the new born, will have a longing, a hunger, for the Word of God as well as all things from God.
There are times when the human body will lose its apatite, its natural hunger, and not want to eat. But, those times are a sign that the body is not healthy. In the midst of battling cancer I was asked one question above all else: “How is your appetite?” If the body is not healthy it will not want to eat. In the same way, if we are not spiritual healthy we will not have a hunger for the word of God; we will have no hunger for anything of God. It is at that time that we should know we stand in need of repentance.
The new born will especially have a hunger for the Word of God. Just as a new born in the flesh is limited in its ability to do things so is a new born in Christ. Just as the new born in the flesh has a longing to grow, learn, and do more, so will the now born in Christ. The new born in Christ will have a specific longing for the Word of God for the very specific purpose of growing in respect to their salvation. If there is no longing to grow in the salvation than one needs to seriously question whether or not they have a true salvation.

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