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We Know We Have Overcome Sin

We Know We Have Overcome Sin

 “We know that no one who is born of God sins; but He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil one does not touch him.” I John 5:18 NASB

Have you ever heard the expressions, nobody’s perfect, or we’re all just human, or everyone has skeletons in their closet? Many times I have heard these statements spoken by active church members as well as pastors. Unfortunately for them, there is major problem that stands in the way of these types of statements-the Word of God. Statements like these are excuses to stay in sin, while the very abundant and clear teachings of God’s word is to repent from sin-all sin. The attitude every Christian should have is Romans 6:11 that says, “Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Don’t listen to the lies and excuses.

Some will then argue that their sin is to powerful and they cannot turn away from it. My question to them is, “Will God require us to do something that He has not already provided the means and power to do?” Of course not. That would make Him an unjust God. If God asks us to do something He fully expects us to do it and has provided the means to do it. The problem with people who ask such a question is that they have more faith in the power of their sin than they do in God. I am not demeaning the power of sin by any means. Sin is very powerful. However, God is all powerful.

When one enters into fellowship with God that individual then belongs to God. They are not their own. This verse tells us, “We know that no one who is born of God sins.” How is it that no one born of God sins? Because, “He who was born of God keeps him, and the evil on does not touch him.” In other words, since we belong to God, Satan, the great tempter and destroyer, cannot touch us. Satan will have no influence on the life of the Christian what so ever. For, we are Gods.

When one is born of God he is set free from his sins. Romans 6:14 says, “For sin shall not be master over you,” and Romans 6:18 tells us that we have been set free from sin. What did Jesus die for? He died for sin. He did not die so we would stay in sin. He died to deliver us from our sin. The power of the cross sets us free from the power of sin. Colossians 1:13-14 tells us that God, “Rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” That is the power of the cross.

Now the real question is, “What is the difference between a non-Christian and a Christian?” A non-Christians is trapped in the bondage of sin. Apart from Jesus he cannot escape his sin. He may trade one sin for the other, but he remains trapped nonetheless. In fact, a non-Christian can and will live in their sins with little or no regard for sin. Simply put, they could care less about the sin in their lives. Unless those sins are causing personal problems they will have no desire to have them removed. When they do remove the sin from their life, they will immediately replace it with another. They are trapped and need Jesus to deliver them.

In great contrast, if the Christian were to sin he would immediately be convicted of his sin by the Holy Spirit and be absolutely miserable until he repents. Though a Christian may temporarily slip, or briefly lose focus, the biblical fact is, Christians will not live in sin. Allow me to remind you of I John 1:6, “If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.” Every reason for the Christian to sin has been removed. Sin no longer has control over the Christian, nor can the evil one touch him.

Some may say this teaching brings condemnation to those trapped in sin. I would call it conviction rather than condemnation. It is the devil who brings negativity to this truth. If all you ever hear out of a preachers mouth is joy and blessings and you never hear him preach on sin, don’t walk, run, for he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The only true way to have joy and blessings is to be delivered from sin. Then true joy will come. God didn’t give us this truth as a means of condemnation. Only those who refuse to repent will be condemned. God has given us this truth as a means of encouragement. It is greatly encouraging to know, through Jesus, we have overcome sin and there is no reason to allow sin to remain and destroy within our lives. Now we simply need to, by faith, walk in that deliverance.

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